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An excellent detergent thickened bowl cleaner, formulated with a combination of HCL and a heavy concentration of deep cleaning, high-sudsing detergents, synergistically blended for efficient removal of organic material and hard water build-up. Liquid Swabby II has a pleasant sassafras fragrance and is effective against HIV-1 (associated with AIDS). Liquid Swabby II is an effective one-step bowl cleaner/disinfectant even in the presence of 5% blood serum. Active Ingredients: Hydrogen chloride 9.50%, n-Alkyl (C14 60%, C16 30%, C12 5%, C18 5%) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides 0.05%, n-Alkyl (C12 68%, C14 32%) dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides 0.05%. Other Ingredients: 90.40%. Detergent Thickened Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Quickly eliminates rust, lime, and uric acid deposits.. EPA registered disinfectant.

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